Two giant pandas will be sent back to China from Canada because the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted their supply of bamboo, the zoo said.

The Calgary Zoo announced that Er Shun and Da Mao, who were on loan from China until 2023, will return early since zookeepers are struggling to import enough bamboo for them, CBC News reported.

“This is too much stress on my team and on the pandas. Can you imagine not having bamboo for a few days?” zoo president Clément Lanthier told the outlet.

Lanthier said that delayed and canceled flights have resulted in substandard bamboo that has aged or come in smaller quantities.

Giant pandas on average consume each day about 88 pounds of bamboo, which consists of the majority of their diet, the outlet reported.

The zoo fears that if there’s a second wave of coronavirus, the task of getting them the proper supplies could become impossible.

“We have exhausted all of our capacity, and it’s too much of a risk for the welfare of the panda,” Lanthier said.