The Queens Night Market is the subject of a new cookbook, “The World Eats Here.” Each of the 88 recipes, and the accompanying profiles, is crammed with compelling details. They tell stories of breakfast in Colombia through arepas with scrambled eggs; Guyanese pine tarts made with fresh, not canned fruit; kopytka potato gnocchi from Kika Radz, who missed her mother’s Polish specialties; Myo Thway’s circuitous route to making ohno kaukswe, Burmese noodle soup, at the market; and Wanda Chiu’s Hong Kong soy sauce noodles. The homestyle recipes are not simplified but are easy to follow, assuming you can find the ingredients (there are tips); the book is divided in sections for the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia.

“The World Eats Here: Amazing Food and the Inspiring People Who Make It at New York’s Queens Night Market” by John Wang and Storm Garner (The Experiment, $19.95).