A perv allegedly broke into a locked subway conductor’s cab and sexually assaulted her in Brooklyn last week — but the brave woman fought him off and locked the creep inside, according to police and internal reports.

The man — identified by cops as Samir Jacques, 40 — had been “blowing kisses” and “showing inappropriate sexual gestures toward” the conductor and was “knocking on the cab door window” from inside the train as it approached Van Siclen Avenue in Brooklyn just before 9 a.m. Wednesday, according to an internal MTA report obtained by The Post.

After pulling into the station, the conductor performed her usual visual check of the platform, through the cab window.

That’s when she “felt something touching her” — and “turned around to see the same person in her cab,” according to the report.

“The male customer grabbed her and began touching her inappropriately,” the report said.

“She does not know how he got in the cab, but she previously heard him messing with the locks, while banging on the window.”

The man was the only passenger in the car, and the heroic conductor “fought him off” and locked him in the train car, where police met him at the next stop, according to the report.

Police brought Jacques in for a psychological evaluation and arrested him on charges of forcible touching, sex abuse and criminal trespassing. He was held on $1,000 bail.

Last week marked Jacques’ 11th arrest, but first for sexual assault, according to police sources. His past arrests include robbery, weapons possession, assault, kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment, sources said.

The assault came just days before a knife-wielding woman broke into a different driver’s cab and attacked him — leaving the train “soiled with blood,” according to another internal report.

Additional reporting by Lorena Mongelli

Source: nypost.com/feed