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ImageA screening tent outside of Mount Sinai West on Friday.
Credit…Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

As of Monday, 1,000 people had died in New York. Soon, that number will be 3,000.

The coronavirus is taking lives at a devastating pace in New York, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Friday, with deaths nearly doubling in just three days, from 1,550 on Tuesday to 2,935 on Friday.

Governor Cuomo said at his daily briefing on Friday that 562 people in New York had died over the previous 24 hours — more deaths than the state had seen in the first 27 days of March.

Officials in New York City reported 305 new deaths due to the virus on Friday evening, which brought the city’s death toll to 1,867 in the biggest single-day jump so far.

“It’s hard to go through this all day, and then it’s hard to stay up all night, watching those numbers come in and the number of deaths tick up,” the governor said at his daily briefing in Albany on Friday.

On Friday, for the first time, the state reported more than 10,000 positive tests for the virus in one day. There were 102,863 confirmed cases in New York State, up from 92,381 on Thursday. New York City had 57,159 cases — nearly a quarter of the confirmed cases in the country.

The number of cases in the state had almost doubled since last Friday. The number of people hospitalized and the number of patients on ventilators have both more than doubled since then.

Mayor de Blasio called for a national draft of doctors.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called again on Friday for doctors and other medical workers across the country to be drafted and sent to the places where coronavirus has hit hardest — starting in New York.

“Unless there is a national effort to enlist doctors, nurses, hospital workers of all kinds and get them where they are needed most in the country in time,” Mr. de Blasio said on MSNBC Friday morning. “I don’t see, honestly, how we’re going to have the professionals we need to get through this crisis.”

The mayor later said at a news conference that the city would need 45,000 more medical personnel to fight the pandemic through April and May.

On Friday evening, the city sent a wireless emergency alert — usually used for extreme weather or Amber Alerts — asking medical personnel to volunteer to fight the virus.

“Attention all healthcare workers: New York City is seeking licensed healthcare workers to support healthcare facilities in need,” the message said.

The hospital ship Comfort might start accepting coronavirus patients.

The two Navy hospital ships deployed to aid cities hit hard by the pandemic, the Comfort and the Mercy, could end up accepting patients who test positive for the coronavirus, Defense Department officials said Friday — a turnaround from the previous policy that sought to keep the ships virus-free.

General Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday that the Defense Department was reassessing whether to allow coronavirus patients aboard the ships. They had originally been intended to treat patients who did not have the virus in order to free up space in onshore hospitals.

“The secretary of defense is making a risk assessment to determine whether or not we should take on” patients who have tested positive, General Milley told Fox News.