A New Jersey ER doctor has died in his husband’s arms in their New York City apartment — just days after he started to notice coronavirus symptoms, according to a report.

Dr. Frank Gabrin of East Orange General Hospital stayed home from work as of Thursday after he began feeling sick, his husband Arnold Vargas told WNBC.

He had not been tested for the coronavirus, Vargas said, adding that as a health-care professional, they were quite certain he was infected.

On Tuesday morning, Gabrin woke up with chest pain, so they called police – but he died in Vargas’ arms before help arrived about 30 minutes later, according to the station.

Dr. Alvaro Alban, the chairman of the Emergency Department at the hospital, said Gabrin was “delightful, caring and wonderful to work with.”

“He had every intention to help. He was eager to keep working in the E.D. and was disappointed when he started to get symptoms. His intention was that his fever would break,” Alban told the news outlet in a statement.

“Dr. Gabrin was motivated, on a mission and wanted to keep working,” he added.

Source: nypost.com/feed