It’s a 24-7 operation this time of year. The staff at Breads Bakery in Union Square are hand-making the triangle-shaped cookie pastry served during the Jewish Holiday of Purim.  

“It’s non-stop, we actually have to dedicate teams around the clock to just keep producing hamantaschen,” said Edan Leshnick, Head Pastry Chef, Breads Bakery.

Hamantaschen is a three-sided short dough treat with a sweet filling.

“We do poppy seed, which is a very traditional one, apple, chocolate and Halvah, Halvah is sweet and sesame paste,” said Leshnick.

They also make a very non-traditional savory filled hamantaschen, pizza and sauerkraut. Head Pastry Chef Edan Leshnick showed me the process of baking hamantaschen by stretching and then rolling the dough, and then using this hexagon cutter, a great invention which minimizes waste.

I got a shot at molding hamantaschen, my first attempt, not a success.

“Interesting, very interesting shape here,” said Leshnick.

My form improved, but these are the pros, hand-making tens of thousands of these for a couple of weeks before and a week after Purim, which commemorates the stopping of a plan by an official of the ancient Persian Empire to kill all of the Jewish people there. His name was Haman and hamantaschen is a reference to this villain of the Book of Esther. Before you can eat, the cookies are frozen, and then baked in an oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

“You went straight for chocolate, can’t go wrong with chocolate,” said Gadi Peleg, Breads Bakery Owner.

Breads Bakery owner Gadi Peleg says their hamantaschen is a hit, in fact, folks want it all year round, but it’s only available around Purim.

“It wouldn’t be as special. And we, that’s part of what we do here, we try to do things that come and go, and every time you come here you are going to get a slightly different experience, and hamantaschen are that perfect. It comes and it goes, and we love that,” said Peleg.

Even though Purim ends at sundown on Tuesday, you can still get hamantaschen here at Breads Bakery till Tuesday and then after that you’ll have to wait until next year.

Source: Spectrum News NY1 | Manhattan