We give you few things you should never do when visiting New York City.

Never Stand On The Left Side Of Escalators

Regardless of where you might be headed while in New York, you will find a ton of escalators everywhere you go. And you will also realize that they have their very own set of rules. If you happen to be riding on one, never stand on the left side as that’s reserved for people who are continuously making their way up or down. If you’re feeling lazy, or are too tired from walking all over the city, then stand to the right and wait until you’re on the floor of your destination in order to make way for those who seem to never stop walking.

Never Block The Sidewalks

Just like the escalators, New York sidewalks have a major life of their own. With over 8.5 million people living in the city – not including visitors – means there are a ton of people finding their way on the streets all throughout the day and night. Don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk as you openly gawk at all the beautiful skyscrapers and other tourist attractions. Either move to the side or get on a double decker bus to admire the view from the actual road. It’ll save you loads of dirty looks and possibly even some very colorful insults sent your way.

Never Worry About Asking For Directions

Like most tourists in New York, the city can be daunting with its endless number of streets and subways on every corner that make things tend to all look the same. Never worry about asking for directions because whether you like it or not, people can spot a tourist in a single glance so they’ll know if you’re from there or not anyway. Just be sure to either ask the cops, or head inside a shop or restaurant and ask someone who works there, so that you won’t be vulnerable while asking for directions so that you can continue scouring the city streets.

Never Take Just Cabs

While taking cabs in New York City can make your travel quicker, depending on the traffic and time of day of course, they are much more expensive than their transportation counterparts. When possible, walk along the streets if the places you are going are only a few blocks away, or take the bus and the subway to save yourself both money, and time.

Never Fear The Subway

Yes, the New York subway can be confusing, especially if you’ve never taken it before. But there are loads of maps that can help you figure out your path, just be sure you study it in your hotel room so you don’t seem like the total tourist that you are. You can also get a Metro Card ahead of time to save you some time as well.

Never Rely On Just Credit Cards

While credit cards are even accepted in certain taxis and the like, New York doesn’t always play by the rest of world’s rules. Be sure to keep money with you as some places only accept cold hard cash, especially those really good hole-in-wall ones with some of the yummiest, and cheaper-option, meals.

Never Use A Fork To Eat Pizza

New York is known for its pizza, which can be found all over the city. But if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, don’t search for your fork and knife when digging into your slice. Pick it up like you would at home and bite into it just like you’re meant to. It’ll probably taste even better getting a bit of pizza grease on your hands anyway.

Never Walk On Bike Lanes

Just like escalators and sidewalks, bike lanes are considered sacred ground to those who actually bike. These lanes are provided for those who choose to travel through the city on two wheels, so never try to take these lanes away from them. Bikers won’t be shy at letting you know that those pathways belong to them and that they have the right of way.

Never Underestimate The Outer Boroughs

While people tend to visit New York to see everything that the main city has to offer, you should never underestimate the outer boroughs. Aside from Manhattan, there is Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Each one has its own sights worth visiting so be sure not to miss out. Honestly, if you want to experience all of New York, then a simple and short vacation just won’t cut it. If you have the time, and the money, keep coming back and you’re sure to discover new places every time.

Never Miss Out On Great Entertainment

New York is known for its Broadway shows, off-Broadway shows, concerts, dance shows, burlesque, and many other forms of entertainment, and all for good reason. The city knows how to put on some good shows, and people travel all the way there just to catch a few of them. Never miss out on great entertainment when you’re there. Many of them are seriously worth the wait, and ticket price. Plus there’s something for everyone.