New York City is an American metropolis and perhaps the most famous city in the whole world. The city is a financial, commercial, business and entertainment center of the USA, but also of the whole world. The United Nations Building is located in New York, so the city is a very important foreign political center.

The city itself is divided into five major world renowned quarters: Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Stayton Island.

Manhattan is known primarily as the financial and business center of the city. There are many business buildings in Manhattan, which astound the passers-by their imposing heights. The largest and most well-known stock exchange is the New York Stock Exchange, whose movements depend on the economies of the entire world, is on this sphere.

Near Queens are the largest New York airports John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia, so the sky above Queens has one of the world’s largest traffic congestion. In Queens, there are famous Flushing Meadows courts were one of the four big Tennis Grand Slams – US Open. One of the most famous parts of Queens is Long Island, which is known for its production, but also for the popular cocktail named after it.

The Bronx can be freely called the oasis of peace in New York, due to a large number of parks in this area. Namely, the Bronx is among the three most populated districts in the United States, but a fifth of the total area of the Bronx consists of parks and open space. In the neighborhood is the island of Hart, which used to be a large prison, and is now used as a cemetery for unidentified persons. South Bronx is the poorest end of the Bronx and has the highest crime rate. South Bronx is not recommended for sightseeing, as it is the site of frequent clashes of gangs operating in this area. Of the well-known, who lived in this part of their lives in this period of their lives, the poet Edgar Alan Po, writer Mark Twain, actors Woody Allen and Al Pacino, repertoires 2PacShakur, Mary Jay Blige and Fat Joe are certainly best known.

Brooklyn is a multi-ethnic community with a large number of emigrant communities from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The largest immigrant communities are Russian and Ukrainian, so that part of Brighton Beach was nicknamed “Little Odesa”. Poles, Irish, Chinese, and Jews are also represented in large numbers. The Jewish community in Brooklyn is among the largest in the world and has over 750,000 members. South Brooklyn was at the beginning of the 20th century the most popular holiday destination in New York, primarily thanks to entertainment parks and programs at Coney Island. Brooklyn was an integral part of life to a large number of famous people, so in a part of his life through Brooklyn, director Mel Brux, Boxer Mike Tyson, basketball player Carmelo Anthony, Al Capone Mobster, media mogul David Gefen, singer Barbara Streisand and Mohamed Ali.

Staten Island is in the largest part of the suburbs of New York, unlike the other four squares that are considered parts of the city. This part of New York was in its early history a settlement of ancient American Indians from the tribe of Lenape. Later, Stein Eiland was a very important strategic point in the American Revolution, and numerous fighting took place around it. The US National Day – Independence Day, which is celebrated on July 4th, was first celebrated at Swan’s Hotel in Stein Eiland. There are large immigrant communities in Europe, including the Italians (37.7%) and the Irish (16%). More recently, Staten Island has recorded world-famous blockbuster films: Godfather, Donnie Brasco and the Smell of Women. The most popular inhabitants of the island are singer Christina Aguilera and members from the group Wu-Tang Clan.

New York is a city in which one can easily see in one day the luxury, wealth, famous cultural sights on the one hand, and great poverty and crime on the other. These two sides of the medal are called New York, it is not easy to describe it with words, so we recommend everyone to visit this great world metropolis. In order to at least somehow reflect on the size of New York, we invite you to a virtual walk in New York. Your starting station is Broadway Street, home to great and world-renowned theaters.